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Please read the terms and conditions for using the agro.bio website before using it. As soon as you start using our site, you automatically accept the conditions specified below. The owner of agro.bio is the company PE "AGRO.BIO", which administers this site. PE "AGRO.BIO" provides free access to this website ("site") for all comers ("users"). The rights to all logos, trademarks, texts, titles, content, other intellectual property rights in relation to the information contained on the site (as well as the principle of organization and structure of the site), software, illustrations, photographs and images belong to the private enterprise "AGRO.BIO" and protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights". You agree to abide by the rights and restrictions,

Using the site AGRO.BIO

PE "AGRO.BIO" allows you to use information from the site only if you use this information for non-commercial purposes. When using the information published on the site, in electronic or printed sources without the written consent of the state of emergency "AGRO.BIO". If you need permission from the site owner to use the site information or link to it from your site, send an e-mail to: support@agro.bio

You can use this site for booking and paying for PE "AGRO.BIO", provided that the information provided by you is legal and true. Any actions to use the site, incl. ordering and booking made for the purpose of deception, fraud with the provision of false information, are prohibited and entail a material view of the site. The agro.bio website may contain links to other websites. PE "AGRO.BIO" is not responsible for the availability or the content of third party sites that are somehow connected with the site agro.bioAt this site there are electronic bulletin boards, text messaging conferences, access to mailing lists or other means of messaging or communication ("Forums"), you agree to use the forums only for sending and receiving messages and materials,


  1. slander, abuse, harassment, tracking, threats or other violations of legal rights (such as the right to non-interference in privacy and publicity) of others;
  2. publication, sending or distribution of any defamation, offensive, obscene or illegal material or information violating the rights of users;
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  7. advertising or offering to sell any goods, services or behavior, or sending reviews, contests or letters sent or uploaded to any file hosted by another forum user who, as the user is aware or should have known, can not legally distribute this way.


We reserve the exclusive right, at our discretion, to make changes to these Terms, as well as to change the information on the site, modify, restrict or delete this site. These changes take effect immediately after they are published on the agro.bio website, while the state of emergency "AGRO.BIO" does not undertake to take into account the needs of any user in this regard. PE "AGRO.BIO" reserves the right at its own discretion prohibit any user from accessing this website or any part thereof without prior notice.If you have any questions regarding this website, please send your questions to the email: support@agro.bio