About Us

From the beginning of 2014, our company began to develop and implement polynutrient chelate trace fertilizers based on humates, by 2017 we received a line of high-quality micronutrients.

3 Doctors of Sciences (habilitated), 2 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D - research doctorate),Company founder – Dr. habil. Levinsky devoted 30 years of his life to scientific and production activities in the field of humate (scientific practitioner, widely known throughout the world of science).

The average academic experience of our employees is 20 years.

The range of AgroBio finished products:in PDF format:

We developed and implemented the distinctive range of polynutrient chylate trace fertilizers based on humates, containing major- and minor nutrient element.

As a result, we received a product that is a powerful organic growth stimulator and carries all the necessary trace elements for the effective development of the plant, even at boundary natural conditions (drought, frosts, etc.).

Also, our company is constantly working on useful innovative product development for plant growing.

Our preparations experience of use in the fields of Chernigov region shows an excellent result, which is supported by the conclusions of professional agronomists from agroholdings and farms.

We offer professional dealers, sales agents and final customers to represent our products in their regions.

We guarantee the value of the product. 

Delivery – batches from 10 liters free of charge in the territory of Ukraine (Ukrainian post office – Ukrposhta).