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Humate Potassium + Phosphorus «AgroBio»

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The composition of fertilizer Humate Potassium + Phosphorus "AgroBio" includes:

the highest content of natural humic acids (humic and fulvic)

15.0% 0.2
mass fraction of potassium
4,6% 0,2
'37 / l
10.0% 0.01
The period of humification of raw materials is 70 million years.

Benefits of using Potassium Humate + Phosphorus

POTASSIUM HUMATE + Phosphorus  - increases the crops yield from 15 up to 25% for cereals; up to 40% for vegetable crops. When this product (less than 100 microns) is used in the irrigation system it doesn’t clog the injectors in the liquid supply pumps; does not have any corrosive effect on the units and blocks of agricultural equipment during processing.

Using the product HUMATE POTASSIUM + Phosphorus, stimulates vital activity of plants as well as affecting following:

  • similarity and energy of seed germination in agriculture;
  • rooting of cuttings and seedlings;
  • stimulates the growth and development of plants;
  • increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors;
  • enriches soil fertility
  • increases the content of vitamins, sugars in plants, the percentage of gluten in cereal crops, oil substance in oilseeds;
  • stimulates the activity of the microbiological complex, leads to the enrichment of the soil with available nutrients for plants;
  • increases the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers and pesticides (it is recommended spraying or watering this product during two weeks)
  • promotes the assimilation of nitrogenous substances from the soil by plants;
  • protects against different diseases (fungal, viral, "chlorosis", etc.)
  • increases adaptation to the temperature difference (heat, cold)
  • improves frost resistance;
  • protects against the effects of agrochemicals (during treatment of crops with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides);
  • reduces the content of harmful substances (nitrates) in plant organs in vegetative and generative (fruits)
  • significantly binds heavy metals, radionuclides and does not contribute to the introduction of plants;
  • increases the period of fruiting;
  • shortens period of ripening;
  • saves money on the use of agrochemistry;
  • does not require the modification of existing agricultural technologies in agricultural production;
  • increases the corps yield of agricultural products.

Technology of application of the drug Humate Potassium + Phosphorus

  1. Pre-sowing seed treatment (during 30 minutes, 2% solution) - the substances affect integrally on the seeds and stimulate the best growth and development of the future plant. Consumption of the product for crops: cereals, legumes, technical, oilseeds - to prepare 10 litres of solution you need 0.5-1.3 litres of the product; for vegetable, melon, flower-decorative cultures - for 1 liter of the solution you need 0.1-0.125 litres of the product (which can be combined for plant protection).
  2. Foliar - leaf treatment (with the application of technology) directly spraying on leaves of plant habitus, it is appropriate to combine with mineral fertilizers, while their consumption reduces in 10 - 30%. The consumption of 1-2 litres of the drug is for 200-400 litres of water with its temperature at least 15-20 °C. If the water hardness is high add the carbamide to the water, it is advisable to combine treatment with pesticides as an anti-stress substance.
  3. Root top dressing - before plowing the product directly into the soil (not more often than once per 10-14 days) - when treating, you need 2 litres of product per 100 litres of water, which can b combined with plant protection products.

Advice from the manufacturer:

It is recommended to use the Product Humate Potassium + Phosphorus "AgroBio" for agricultural crops (wheat, rye, potatoes, etc.) - at least 2 times per season, and for fruit and berry crops (grapes, apples, pears, plums, ) - from 3 to 8 times. Initially, preparations should be used during the stress conditions of plants. Optimum conditions for processing plants - in the morning and in the evening, at an air temperature of 10-25 °C.

ATTENTION! when cultivating plants do not exceed the application rates of the preparation, which are given in the instructions.
Potassium humate + phosphorus BALLASTLESS WITH LEONARDITE produced by AGRO.BIO is an ecologically safe complex fertilizer and growth stimulant for agricultural plants of organic origin, without chlorides. The main active substance is humic acids (15%), which stimulates growth of the root system, the vegetative mass, contains water-soluble and 100% available compounds for vital functions of plants, phosphorus is rapidly absorbed even at low temperatures of the soil environment, enhances microorganism activity in soil, activates decomposition and humification, improves the quality and quantity of the grown products, conducts stress management, normalizes metabolism and enables usage in all phases of plant development (excluding blooming).

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