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Mo 40 g/l
Humic acids (humic and fulvic)
15 %
K2O (potassium)
18.4 g/l
Humic acids
30.8 g/l
Fulvic acids
24.8 g/l


For seed inoculation , 0.2-0.3 l of the drug is used to treat 1 ton of seeds immediately before sowing. The drug can be combined with microbiological inoculants.

For foliar treatment during the period of active budding - the formation of beans, the consumption rate of the drug is 0.3-0.5 l / ha.

Advantages of using the drug MOLIBDEN + GUMAT from Agro.Bio ™ manufacturer:

  • plays a significant role in the processes of growth, development of plants, concentrates in young organs, and at the end of the vegetation becomes a seed;
  • is a component of many enzymes, including a specific enzyme (nitrate reductase), which promotes the recovery of nitrates in crops;
  • increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves and promotes the intensity of the process of photosynthesis, respiration, synthesis of vitamins, nucleic acids;
  • activates nitrogen exchange (enzymes of nitrogenase (multifenment), nitrate reductase);
  • participates in the enzymatic reactions of the nucleic exchange, in the transport of electrons,
  • accelerates the biosynthesis of phytoglobin, amino acids, amides;
  • increases the ability of nitrogen fixation by bulb bacteria in legumes;
  • affects the formation of chlorophyll, vitamin C;
  • improves calcium nutrition;
  • Performs a protective reaction from the toxic effects of aluminum;
  • interacts with such elements as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron, cobalt,
  • increase in plants (15-25%) in vegetable crops (up to 40%) yield;
  • decreases by 20-50% of use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides;
  • does not require a change in existing agrotechnologies in agricultural production;
  • increases resistance to diseases, pests in plants;
  • promotes increased frost resistance, drought tolerance in agricultural plants.

Advantages of ecologically safe fertilizer MOLIBDEN + HUMAT from Agro.Bio ™ manufacturer before other drugs:

  • organic raw materials of fertilizers based on humate from leonardite (humic acids and macro- and trace elements with growth stimulants);
  • when used, the biochemical processes of metabolism in plants are accelerated 8 times;
  • promote the assimilation of nutrients from the soil by the plant;
  • raw materials are unbleached (no chloride salts);
  • the elements of the fertilizer are chelate form, water-soluble, concentrated, available compounds for nutrition;
  • increase the efficiency of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, while their use decreases from 20-50%,
  • have lobes less than 100 microns and when used in the irrigation system do not clog the nozzles, and in the pomps of the liquid supply - do not cause corrosive effects;
  • apply mono-chalk fertilizers economically (thanks to the complex action of elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt);
  • can be used prophylactically in all phases of plant development (excluding flowering).

Humate + Molybdenum "Agro.Bio" is an ideal solution for inoculation of seeds and top dressing of legumes.

Maximum results with minimum processing costs.

Molybdenum is one of the most important trace elements necessary for the normal life of a plant. Its deficiency sharply negatively affects plant growth, productivity and the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers. Especially often the lack of molybdenum occurs on acidic sandy soils poor in humus. Molybdenum is a “catalyst”, an enhancer of the assimilation of other macro and microelements, therefore it is most effective in intensive farming systems.

The highly effective chelated form of molybdenum used in the preparation Molybdenum + Humate Agro.Bio allows plants to easily and quickly compensate for the lack of this nutrient without loss of yield. The combination with humates and fulvates gives a powerful stimulating effect on germination, development of the root system and nodules. Molybdenum is especially necessary for nitrogen-fixing bacteria living on the roots of leguminous plants. That is why the use of the drug Molybdenum + humate significantly increases the yield of soybeans, peas, chickpeas and other legumes. In addition to increasing yields, the protein content in the seeds increases significantly, which increases the payback of the drug. Molybdenum + humate is especially effective when growing soybeans on acidic soils with low humus content.

Another important effect of the drug is an increase in drought resistance of plants after treatment. This is due both to the development of a more powerful and deep root system, and to the improvement in the assimilation of other macro and microelements.

The presence of potassium in a form accessible to the plant is an additional factor in drought resistance and plant immunity.

In the Molybdenum + humate preparation, the microelement is in a chelated, non-toxic form for plants. a complex of humates and fulvates enhances root formation during inoculation.

Thus, Molybdenum + Humate  is an ideal solution for seed inoculation, which allows you to effectively feed the plants in the initial period of growth and stimulate the growth of a powerful root system. The use of molybdenum + humate fertilizer increases the germination capacity and germination energy of soybeans by 20-25%.

The presence of a significant amount of fulvates in the preparation makes it extremely effective for foliar feeding of plants. The best time for feeding is the active laying of buds on the plant, but the drug can also be used during the active formation of beans, to compensate for the identified microelementoses.

MOLYBDENUM + HUMATE produced by Agro.Bio™ - monochelate, organic fertilizers, ballast-free with leonardite, growth stimulants that provide complex nutrition for plants, in a concentrated form, water-soluble, is of natural origin, environmentally friendly, created on the basis of humate containing humic and fulvic acids with a very high level of macro- and microelements (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt) from the manufacturer Agro.Bio™

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