• Humate + Silicon (Si) «Agro.Bio»

Humate + Silicon (Si) «Agro.Bio»


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No. Active substance Qty
1. humic acids
30.8 g/l
2. fulvic acids
24.8 g/l
3. (silicon oxide SiO2 )

Benefits of using the drug Humate + Silicon (Si) "Agro.Bio"

  • yield increase 15-18%
  • does not have a toxic effect (chemical protection)
  • increase in plant resistance to adverse conditions (mechanical protection)
  • acceleration of growth and development of the root system (physiological protection)
  • increase in biochemical resistance to stress (biochemical protection)
  • reduction of high temperatures (thermal protection)

Humate + Silicon (Si) + "Agro.Bio" is a liquid complex mineral fertilizer containing a large amount of silicon and other trace elements in an accessible, chelated form.

Silicon fertilizer Humate + Silicon (Si) + " Agro.Bio " is ideal for:

  • pre-sowing treatment of seeds and planting material;
  • plant nutrition during the growing season (in order to accelerate seed germination and plant growth);
  • increase in crop yields;
  • increasing the quality of the cultivated crop;
  • resistance of plants to stresses under unfavorable growing conditions.

Silicon (Si) is of great importance in plant life. The thickness of the stem, the strength of flowering, resistance to lodging and the energy of the ovary depend on this microelement. The content of silicon favorably affects the physical properties of soils.

It should be noted that Silicon (Si) contributes to plant resistance and reduces the risk of physiological diseases that occur with the combined effects of pesticides, hydrogen sulfide, anaerobiosis and pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Silica fertilizers are not specific. It is advisable to use them in combination with traditional microfertilizers, for example, with potassium humate or the humate 10 multicomplex .

In the course of numerous laboratory tests, AGRO.BIO specialists concluded that in many cases it is the lack of mobile Si that is the main limiting factor in obtaining a crop.

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