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N (nitrogen)
30 g/l
100 g/l
P2O5 (phosphorus)
17.4 g/l
K2O (potassium)
18.4 g/l
Humic acids
30.8 g/l
Fulvic acids
24.8 g/l

The drug is used before the flowering of all crops, which is especially important with intensive use of fertilizers and planning high yields.

The drug Humat + Boron "Agro.Bio" is used  simultaneously with the introduction of calcium supplements, since calcium is a boron antagonist.

The drug is used during the ripening period, when the process of transport of sugars into fruits takes place, which is especially important for sugar beets.

In combination with the drug Humate + Zinc + Sulfur "Agro.Bio"when preparing plants for wintering

Benefits of using the BOR + HUMAT preparation from the manufacturer Agro.Bio™:

  • participates during the entire vegetative period in the formation of the vegetative and generative organs of the plant;
  • forms the structure of cell walls, tissues, participates in the processes of cell division, accelerates the processes of flowering, seed formation;
  • promotes fertilization processes and increases seed productivity;
  • affects metabolic processes, in particular carbohydrate synthesis, protein biosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis (DNA, RNA), photosynthesis (activates the formation of chlorophyll, CO2 assimilation), transport of sugars, phytohormones;
  • activates the activity of enzymes (oxidoreductases)
  • increases the formation of nodule nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  • conducts the distribution of growth substances, ascorbic substances from leaves, roots to the reproductive organs;
  • improves nutrition of macro- and microelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, copper, zinc, molybdenum)
  • acts as a regulator when using stimulants and inhibitors for growth and development in plants;
  • increases plant resistance to diseases, pests, stress factors (drought, temperature changes)
  • does not require changes in existing agricultural technologies in production and the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides is reduced by 20-50%;
  • increase the yield in plants (15 - 25%), in vegetables (up to 40%).

Advantages of environmentally friendly fertilizer BOR + HUMAT from the manufacturer Agro.Bio™ over other preparations:

  • organic raw material fertilizers based on humate with leonardite (humic acids and macro- and microelements with growth stimulants);
  • when used, biochemical metabolic processes in plants are accelerated by 8 times;
  • promote the absorption of nutrients by the plant from the soil;
  • ballast-free raw materials (no chloride salts)
  • fertilizer elements are chelated, water-soluble, concentrated, available compounds for nutrition;
  • increase the efficiency of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, while reducing their use by 20-50%,
  • have particles less than 100 microns and, when used in an irrigation system, do not clog nozzles, and in liquid supply pumps - do not make a corrosive effect;
  • it is economically beneficial to use monochelate fertilizers (due to the complex action of elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt)
  • can be used prophylactically in all phases of plant development (excluding flowering).

Due to the introduction of this concentrated complex Humat + Boron "Agro.Bio", which includes salts of humic and fulvic acids, BOR, NITROGEN and MOLYBDENUM in the chelate form, a positive dynamic


  • the rate of photosynthesis increases. In the process of which a greater number of chemical elements are removed from the passive state
  • the problem of water deficiency for plants is eliminated - the water consumption corresponds to the income, as a result of which, even in the event of adverse conditions, the water balance is maintained;
  • improves the formation of flowers, pollen, pollination, seed productivity;
  • the activity of enzymes associated with the accumulation of a supply of nutrients is activated;
  • the quantitative and qualitative (oil content) indicators of finished products are significantly increased;
  • resistance to the adverse effects of low temperatures, drought, and other stress factors is enhanced, growth mechanisms are activated;
  • improves carbohydrate and protein metabolism;
  • the productivity of agricultural crops increases significantly.

All these effects are achieved exclusively by the combination and joint action of salts of humic and fulvic acids and organic compounds, amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

The application of natural fertilizer Humat + Boron "Agro.Bio" stimulates the plant not only at the initial stages of its development, but also in the process of increasing the vegetative and generative mass. In addition, it also increases digestibility of macronutrients, which leads to a positive economic effect. Thus, due to the use of natural fertilizer in combination with root and foliar top dressing, there is an increase in the profitability of growing crops with less negative consequences for the ecological state of the land.

The drug is used for foliar top dressing.

  • Cereals  Spraying 0.7 l/ha in the booting phase
  • Maize  Under conditions of intensive technology three times 1.5 l/ha, in the phase of 3-5 leaves, 7-8 leaves, 9-11 leaves. With less intensive technology - twice
  • Sunflower  Seed treatment 1.5 l/t, Spraying with a solution of the drug in phases of 2-4 pairs of leaves and 6-8 pairs of leaves at a dose of 1.5 l/ha
  • Soybean  Processing 2 l/ha per leaf in the phase of 3-5 trifoliate leaves. With intensive technology, two treatments of 1.5 l / ha are carried out - in the phase of 3-5 trifoliate leaves and in the budding phase.
  • Sugar beet  Weekly treatments at a dose of 1-3 l/ha, once from the appearance of the second pair of true leaves until the leaves close between the rows
  • Rape  Treatment in the phase of the appearance of true leaves at a dose of 2-3 l/ha and 0.5 l/ha with each treatment with PPP from the beginning of rosette formation (winter rapeseed - from the resumption of vegetation).
  • Tomatoes  during budding - flowering of the first brush 1-1.5 l / ha
  • Covered ground cucumber  at the beginning of flowering 1-1.5 l/ha, repeat after 2 weeks
  • Pumpkin melons  at the beginning of flowering 1-1.5 l/ha
  • Cabbage  In the phase of 6-8 leaves before setting the head 1-1.5 l/ha twice. The effectiveness of top dressing is increased when used together with calcium supplements.
  • Potatoes  twice 1.5 l / ha during budding and flowering (ВВСН 40-49 and 60-69) in 300 l of water
  • Carrots  in the phase of 2-3 leaves - the beginning of root formation 2-3 l/ha
  • Grapes  3-4 top dressings with an interval of 2-3 weeks, in the period from the beginning of the growth of shoots to the beginning of the change in the color of the clusters, 1 l/ha, in 600-800 l
  • Apple tree  in the phases of pink bud, falling petals and hazelnut 0.5 l / ha, in 600-800 l of water, after harvesting 1 l / ha in 600-800 l of water

B (Boron) provides almost 100% penetration into the plant organism during foliar feeding. It is also directly involved in the transport of sugars, the synthesis of lignin, which is necessary for the formation of viable pollen and the formation of the ovary. Humate + Boron "Agrobio" is effective both for prevention and in case of microelement deficiency, especially when growing crops on weakly acidic and acidic soils. An additional stimulating effect of the base of the drug - potassium humate helps to activate the processes of growth and development of the plant, restores the balance of boron.

BOR + HUMATE produced by Agro.Bio™ - monochelates, organic fertilizers, ballast-free with leonardite, growth stimulants that provide complex nutrition for plants, in a concentrated form, water-soluble, is of natural origin, environmentally friendly, created on the basis of humate containing humic and fulvic acids with a very high level of macro- and microelements (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt) from the manufacturer  Agro.Bio

Manufacturer's advice:

If you are interested in the properties of the microelement BOR (B) , its effect on the plant, we recommend that you read more  at the link

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