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Dosages and Application

Cereals, legumes, vegetables and industrial crops.

Seed dressing before sowing 100-150 ml / ton of seeds

Cereal crops

Foliar treatment of plants in the tillering and booting phase 100-150 ml/ 200-300 l/ha

Foliar treatment in the phase of the end of flowering - the beginning of milky ripeness to prevent runoff of grain and increase the protein content 70-100 ml / 200-300 l/ha

vegetable crops

Foliar treatments of plants 100-150 ml / 200-300 l / ha (once every 14 days, no more than 4 treatments per season)

Treatment of tubers and bulbs before planting 100-200 ml per ton of planting material

fruit crops

Soaking cuttings

Soaking the cuttings in a solution of the drug 1l / 3l of water for 2-6 hours

Foliar feeding of plants to increase the number of ovaries and fruit size 0.5-1 l of the drug / 1000 l/ha in the green bud phase and in the phase of ovary formation

Advantages of using Humate + Succinic Acid "Agro.Bio"

  • increases seed germination;
  • an increase in the content and quality of gluten in the grain by an average of 5%; (winter and spring wheat, winter rye, winter and spring barley);
  • reduces the amount of residual pesticides;
  • promotes better absorption of fertilizers;
  • normalizes soil microflora;
  • a significant reduction in the susceptibility of various diseases;
  • reduces ripening time;
  • increases yield by an average of 18-23%;
active substances quantity
1. humic acid
64,9 g/l
2. fulvic acids
85,3 g/l
3. P2O5
38,7 g/l
4. K2O
38,9 g/l
5. succinic acid
40 g/l

Powerful, modern seed germination stimulator with excellent effect and low cost per hectare norm.

Modern crop production technologies require the appearance of fast and uniform seedlings. In order to avoid losses at this stage, seed treaters with growth stimulants are used. One of the best solutions for dressing and soaking before sowing seeds is Potassium Humate + Succinic Acid. Humates are natural growth stimulants that increase seed germination and root formation, and succinic acid not only enhances their effectiveness, but is also a powerful source of energy for seeds. Succinic acid increases germination and germination energy, especially under unfavorable conditions, for example, with a lack of moisture in the soil.

An important advantage of the drug is the high concentration of active ingredients and the low cost of seed treatment.

The drug is ideal for seed treatment of winter and spring wheat, rye, barley, sunflower, rapeseed.

Dressing with the preparation increases the uniformity of emergence of seedlings, the winter hardiness of winter crops and the resistance of crops to diseases.

Another advantage of the drug is that it is a good partner for most insect-fungicidal disinfectants and enhances their action.

Humate + Succinic acid "Agro.Bio" is used for foliar treatment of grain crops in spring, in the tillering and booting stages. The efficiency of fertilizer absorption increases, the yield increases by 20-50%.

Processing of rapeseed in the budding phase increases its yield by 15-20%.

Humate + Succinic acid "Agro.Bio" can be used for foliar treatment of grain crops up to the phase of milky ripeness. In late processing, the drug effectively prevents grain runoff, increases the protein and gluten content in the grain by 4-5%. The use of the drug increases the efficiency of nitrogen absorption from top dressing of grain crops, and the ideal compatibility with carbamide makes it possible to use it in the same tank mixture with nitrogen top dressing.

The drug increases the number of ovaries and the size of fruits when fertilizing fruit and vegetable crops; it can be used for rooting cuttings.

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