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Humate + Succinic Acid «Agro.Bio»

100 грн.
  • Manufacturer: AgroBio
  • Type (model): 04700
  • Availability: At Stock
active substances quantity
1. humic acid
64,9 g / l
2. fulvic acids
85,3 g / l
3. P2O5
38,7 g / l
4. K2O
38,9 g / l
5. succinic acid
40 g / l

Advantages of using Humate + Succinic Acid "Agro.Bio"

  • increases seed germination;
  • an increase in the content and quality of gluten in the grain by an average of 5%; (winter and spring wheat, winter rye, winter and spring barley);
  • reduces the amount of residual pesticides;
  • promotes better absorption of fertilizers;
  • normalizes soil microflora;
  • a significant reduction in the susceptibility of various diseases;
  • reduces ripening time;
  • increases yield by an average of 18-23%;

Organic fertilizer for plants, which is a plant stimulant and a catalyst for all natural processes, affecting the activity of soil microflora and accelerating the biological processing of mineral fertilizers that improve the soil and help the plants absorb nutrients from it.

Fertilizer Humate + Succinic acid «Agro.Bio» has a wide range of actions recommended to be used for pre-treatment of seeds, sunflower, wheat, oilseed rape, as well as the spraying of crops and a beneficial effect on growth and development of orchids, hydrangeas and other potted plants and ornamentals .

Succinic acid, which is part of the drug Humate + Succinic acid "Agro.Bio" works even more efficiently if it is used in a 1: 1 ratio with potassium humate. The stimulator of the energy potential of succinic acid and fertilizer potassium humate ideally complement each other, and give the plants everything for healthy growth and maximum yield.

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