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Humate + Copper + Sulfur «Agro.Bio»

110 грн.
  • Manufacturer: AgroBio
  • Type (model): Product 40
  • Availability: At Stock

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N (азот)
48 г/л
Cu 70 г/л
P2O5 (фосфор)
17,4 г/л
K2O (калий)
18,4 г/л
110 г/л
Гуминовые кислоты
30,8 г/л
Фульвовые кислоты
24,8 г/л

Advantages of using the COPPER + HUMATE + SULFUR medication from the manufacturer Agro.Bio ™:

  • is an indispensable element in plant nutrition;
  • is included in the composition of enzymes (polyphenol oxidase, plastocyanin, uroperoxidismudaz, cytochloromoxidase, diaminoksidazu)
  • participates in the formation of complex complexes with organic acids and phenolic compounds that perform vital functions for the metabolism (protein and carbohydrate biosynthesis, cell wall protein metabolism (polyphenol oxidase, ascorbate oxidase, tyrosinase))
  • increases the intensity of passage of photosynthetic processes (70% in leaves in the form of plastocyanin, cytochrome oxidase), respiration, the functioning of the conductive tissue (xylem)
  • participate in the restoration of biological fixation of nitrogen
  • influences the formation of DNA, RNA, on the growth and development of plant organs (reproductive), promotes the accumulation of nutrients (in grain crops - protein, in potato tubers - starch, in root crops - in sugar, in oilseeds - fats, in fruit and berry - ascorbic acid, sugars)
  • increase productivity in plants (15 - 25%), in vegetable (up to 40%);
  • decreases the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides by 20-50%, does not require the modification of existing agricultural technologies in agricultural production;
  • improves nutrition with macro- and microelements (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, molybdenum)
  • increases the resistance in plants to fungal diseases and stress factors (drought, heat and frost resistance), in cereals contributes to the formation of resistance to lodging.

Advantages of environmentally safe fertilizer COPPER + HUMATE + SULFUR from the manufacturer Agro.Bio ™ before other preparations

  • organic raw materials of fertilizer on the basis of humate with leonardite (humic acids and macro- and microelements with growth stimulants);
  • when used, biochemical metabolic processes in plants are accelerated 8-fold;
  • promote the assimilation of nutrients by the plant from the soil;
  • raw materials without ballast (there are no salts of chlorides)
  • elements of fertilizer have a chelate form, water-soluble, concentrated, accessible compounds for nutrition;
  • increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, while reducing their use from 20-50%,
  • have particles less than 100 microns and when used in the irrigation system do not clog the injectors, and in the liquid supply pumps - do not make corrosive effects;
  • it is economically advantageous to use monochelatene fertilizers (thanks to the complex action of elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt)
  • can be used prophylactically in all phases of plant development (exclusion of flowering).

Мідь у значній мірі відповідає за формування генеративних органів рослин та інтенсивність фотосинтезу, зміцнює імунітет та сприяє підвищенню стійкості культур до вилягання. Важливим є профілактичний та лікувальний ефект іонів міді при розвитку грибкових хвороб. У поєднанні з гуматом калію Agro.Bio та сіркою препарат Гумат + Мідь + Сірка «АгроБіо» суттєво підвищує врожайність зернових та інших культур, ліквідуючи хлороз та порожньозернистість.

COPPER + HUMATE + SULFUR produced by Agro.Bio ™ - monochelatins, organic fertilizers, bezbalastny with leonardite, growth stimulants that provide complex nutrition for plants, in concentrated form, water-soluble, is of natural origin, environmentally friendly, based on humate with humic and fulvic acids with a very high level of macro - and microelements (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt) from the producer Agro.Bio™

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