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Plants can synthesize proteins on their own, from nitrogen fertilizers obtained from the soil and symbiont bacteria. However, under conditions of stress, the process of protein synthesis, and hence growth, stops. The absorption of nutrients stops. The most energy-intensive part of protein synthesis is the conversion of inorganic nitrogen compounds into organic ones. Amino energy is a turnkey organic nitrogen solution for plants. Amino energy, applied under conditions of stress or immediately after it, makes it possible to quickly resume growth with minimal energy expenditure. Restarting the hormonal system, the transport of nitrogen within the plant, makes the recovery from stress much shorter and less painful.

A bonus when applying fertilizer is the activation of the root system, the growth of root hairs and the improvement in the absorption of water from the soil. This makes it much easier for field, fruit and berry crops to survive drought.

Amino Energy Agro.Bio enhances the effect of fertilizers, increasing their effectiveness and acting as a transport agent within the plant. It helps to deliver nutrients exactly where they are needed - to growing points and developing fruits.

When used in a tank mix with herbicides, it allows crops to more easily overcome stress while making weeds more receptive to the herbicide. Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes in crops such as spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, the accumulation of nitrates is reduced - fertilizers are quickly absorbed and transferred into safe forms. The drug enhances the effect of insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators, as well as trace elements, allowing to reduce the rate of their use when applied together. What's more, Amino Energy is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers in tank mix!

Treatment with the preparation within 48 hours after freezing can significantly reduce damage to plants and speed up their recovery.

Pre-sowing seed treatment makes it possible to increase germination and germination energy in adverse conditions.

A treatment every 2-3 weeks during the growing season is the best way to efficiently and cheaply get the most out of each plant under any conditions. Stress and drought are not a hindrance to a high yield!

120 g/l
N (special formula of nitrogen compounds and acid synthesis)
130 g/l
Humic acids
57 g/l
Fulvic acids
87 g/l

We have developed a new complex growth stimulant that affects both the root system and nitrogen transport and protein biosynthesis in the plant. This allows you to get high and stable yields even in unstable weather conditions. Our solution allows you to do without expensive amino acid complexes, and fully control the composition of the drug.

Amino Energy contains effective plant growth stimulators, such as formylurea N,N - urea dimethanate, a stimulator of nitrogen transport and protein synthesis in plants. Its action is enhanced by salts of humic and fulvic acids, which effectively stimulate the growth of the root system of plants, germination and vigor of seed germination.

Thanks to an effective combination of stimulants, Amino energy is guaranteed to increase the yield by 50-60%, improving its quality. Thus, the content of dry matter in fruits increases by 15-22%, the quality of wheat grain and its protein content increase. In conditions of lack of moisture, the active growth of plants continues, the accumulation of sugars and proteins in them.

The active ingredients of Amino Energy "Agrobio" are of natural origin. The combination of Agro.Bio potassium humate and a special form of nitrogen makes it possible to obtain a powerful active anti-stress product, the use of which during the growing season will help to minimize product losses. How fast processing of crops after exposure to extreme weather conditions contributes to better plant recovery and smoothes the impact of negative factors. It enhances and accelerates the absorption of potassium, calcium and magnesium by cultures.

The best antistress for plants.

Stressing a plant is always stopping its growth. This is a way to survive in adverse conditions. Drought, frosts and even just cold snaps, heat, exposure to high doses of fertilizers and pesticides. When conditions are not conducive to growth, the plant "stops" and its hormonal system is rearranged. It is always crop losses. Every day of "downtime" delays growth and development. Moreover, a frequent reaction of fruit and vegetable crops to stress-reset of the ovary. In order for plants to get out of stress without loss, it is necessary to quickly restore their growth, return the hormonal system to a protective state.

Amino Energy "AGRO.BIO" Nitrogen, Patent Special formula. Protection from cold, heat and agrochemicals for plants.

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