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Benefits of using Mind "Agro.Bio"

  • increases harvest by 11-17%
  • increases field germination and seed germination
  • develops and enhances the development of primary and secondary root systems
  • increases the development of the leaf surface
  • plant resistance to adverse environmental factors
  • reduces the phytotoxic effect of pesticides
  • prevents spontaneous mutagenesis
  • reduces the amount of residual pesticides
  • increases the effect of fertilizers and microfertilizers

With pre-sowing treatment of seeds, germination and germination energy are significantly increased. This is especially noticeable when sowing in unfavorable conditions, in dry soil, with seeds with low germination. Processing potato tubers before planting activates dormant eyes and stolon formation. As a result, the number of tubers from one bush increases by 40-50% without loss of size and quality. Under conditions of pollution, stress, high salinity of soils, the yield, compared with the control, increases significantly more.

Winter wheat, treated with preparations in the spring tillering phase, absorbed spring nitrogen fertilizers much better, formed 20-25% more full-fledged ears. The second treatment, in the phase of the end of tillering - the exit into the tube, the yield of winter wheat increases by 18-25%, the efficiency of the use of nitrogen fertilizers increases. Treatment of grain crops with the preparation in the phase of milky ripeness accelerated the accumulation of protein in the grain and improved its quality.

Mind "Agro.Bio" is ideal for increasing the sugar content of fruits during their ripening, it goes well with top dressing with potash fertilizers. So, after processing the grapes at the beginning of ripening, the weight of the bunch increased by 10-12% and the sugar content of the juice increased by 8-11%.

Mind "Agro.Bio" is excellent for processing tomatoes, accelerating the maturation of the lower brushes without inhibiting growth and flowering.

Plants treated with the drug during active fruit growth accelerate ripening, increase the size of the fruit and reduce the natural shedding of the ovary.

The content of dry matter in fruits increases significantly, their size and transportability increase. Reduced storage losses.

By activating the natural defense mechanisms of the plant, its resistance to pests and diseases, mutations increases. The main advantage of our preparation is the maximum use of the natural capabilities of the plant itself. Large leaf surface, powerful, active root system, balanced growth and development to obtain high yields in any conditions.

The use of the drug Mind "Agro.Bio" makes it possible to obtain stable and sustainable results even on polluted, saline soils, under conditions of high environmental stress, heat, air drought and lack of water.

The unique complex of stimulants Mind "Agro.Bio" developed by us effectively protects plant cells from stress at all levels. Butanedioic acid is the most important component of the energy metabolism of a plant cell. Its synthesis and further oxidation in mitochondria is one of the key steps in obtaining energy by the cell. These are real energy canned food for cells! The Mind "Agro.Bio" stimulator enables butanedioic acid to be quickly transported throughout the plant, and delivers it exactly where it is most needed - to growing roots and ripening fruits. In the cell, butanedioic acid is instantly converted into available energy, which is especially needed by plants in the second half of the season.

Another component of the drug is 2,6-dimethylpyridine-1-oxide. Mind "Agro.Bio" is the best remedy for protecting the genetic apparatus and mechanisms of plant protein biosynthesis under stress conditions. This is especially important when growing cultivated plants on lands contaminated with radionuclides, heavy metals and other mutagens. Protection of DNA and RNA allows the cell to maintain normal protein biosynthesis under the most difficult conditions. Potassium humate and fulvate, biogenic trace elements enable the plant to activate the transport of water and nutrients, to develop a powerful root system. In combination with a source of available energy and an activator of nitrogen transport, fulvates “incite appetite” in plants, accelerate the biosynthesis and absorption of fertilizers from the soil.

The uniqueness of our preparation is in the complex effect on the plant.

Manufacturer's advice:

Mind "Agro.Bio" is used in the same consistency with other products of our production, once , in the first phase (when processing seeds) or during foliar processing. The solution must be used on the same day it was prepared.

culture Application phase

Vegetable crops (open ground)

Before planting seedlings in open ground, it is recommended to soak the root system in !!!!% in the Mind "Agro.Bio" solution for 5 hours for improved rooting and engraftment.


1 treatment - phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 processing - the phase of closing the leaves between the rows;


1 treatment - phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 treatment - phase laying the subcotyledonal knee;


1 treatment - phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 processing - the phase of the beginning of flowering;


1 processing - on the day of planting seedlings in open ground;

2 processing - the phase of the beginning of flowering;

White cabbage

1 processing - on the day of planting seedlings in open ground;

2 processing - in two weeks;


1 processing - the phase of the complete output of peduncles;

Vegetable crops (closed ground)

??? ml per ton of nutrient solution concentrate, followed by dilution with water and application for each plant during the beginning of fruiting in the amount of 15-20 liters for top dressing according to the technological regulations constantly

No. Active substance Qty
1. humic acids
64.9 g/l
2. fulvic acids
85.3 g/l
3. P2O5
38.7 g/l
4. K2O
38.9 g/l
5. 2,6-dimethylpyridine-1-oxide
4.0 g/l

In modern agricultural technologies, high rates of pesticides and fertilizers are used - this is a constant stress for plants. Stress has a particularly strong effect on growth and yield in adverse environmental conditions.

The plant organism is well adapted to survive in stressful conditions. But survival leads to a decrease in yield and fruit quality. In order to preserve the harvest, to obtain the highest possible productivity from the crop, we have developed complex stimulants of the highest quality.

The Mind "Agro.Bio" stimulator enables the plant to protect the genetic apparatus from external influences, activate the metabolism, increase the suction capacity of the root system and the leaf surface. Stimulator Mind "Agro.Bio" - an innovative solution for the second half of the growing season. It accelerates metabolism under stress, the accumulation of sugars in fruits and activates the biosynthesis of both proteins and carbohydrates in the plant.

The use of the drug Mind "Agro.Bio" significantly increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides, allows the plant to painlessly adapt to adverse conditions.

Mind "Agro.Bio" is a biostimulant containing in its composition ballast-free humate and lutidine oxide in the most effective proportion to stimulate plant growth.

Biostimulant Mind "Agro.Bio" was developed as an analogue of natural phytohormones, an effective growth regulator for vegetable crops: cabbage, carrots, eggplants and industrial crops (tobacco, cotton), as well as cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, essential oil varieties of roses.

Mind "Agro.Bio" helps to reduce diseases in plants, the content of nitrates, heavy metals and radionuclides in fruits. It is most effective when used in the zero phase - seed treatment.

Its dose when applied per ton of seeds or per hectare of crops is quite small, therefore it is imperative that the culture be moderately dissolved in the working solution. To do this, water with a biostimulator and other products are painstakingly mixed.

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