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Benefits of using Totem "Agro.Bio"

  • promotes seed germination and cuttings
  • protects fruit trees from premature fruit drop
  • stimulates enzymatic fermentation
  • yield increase over 25%
No. Active substance Qty
1. humic acids
64.9 g/l
2. fulvic acids
52.3 g/l
3. P 2 O 5
36.7 g/l
4. K2O
38.9 g/l
5. ethanedioic acid
*** g/l
6. auxins
*** g/l

Ethanedioic acid, which is part of Totem "Agro.Bio", has an auxin-like effect and is used in plant growing as a growth stimulant; these compounds are also more resistant to degradation.

With the study of plant growth, phytohormones were discovered, but initially their capabilities remained underestimated. Through laboratory analysis, it turned out that their functions are much broader. They are participants in the processes of cell differentiation, division and growth. Moreover, the phytohormone auxin especially actively affects root formation and is characterized by an ambiguous effect on plants. Their ability to actively develop the root system and normalize the growth and development of the plant as a whole is known.

Treatment of poorly developing fruits with the Totem "Agro.Bio" preparation prevents their premature shedding and enhances growth.

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