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No. Active ingredients Qty
1. humic acids
64.9 g/l
2. fulvic acids
85.3 g/l
3. P2O5
38.7 g/l
4. K2O
38.9 g/l
5. synthetic growth stimulants
*** g/l

Imperium "Agrobio" preparation contains two unique groups of natural substances, the mutual action of which causes a powerful biostimulating effect. It is used to improve the kilkisnicht quality indicators of agricultural products, to stabilize plants after treatment with pesticides, to overcome the effects of cold stress. Effective in horticulture when processing stone fruit and grain crops. Humate with phytoharmonics and chemical compounds. Imperium "AgroBio" Nitrogen, Patent Special formula. Protection against cold, heat and agricultural chemistry for plants based on humate.

Certification (February 2019). We accept applications.

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