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No. Active ingredients
1. humic acids
64.9 g/l
2. fulvic acids
85.3 g/l
3. brassinosteroid
*** g/l
4. take off
*** g/l
5. betaine
*** g/l
6. laminarin
*** g/l
7. auxin
*** g/l

Due to the combination of manganese and zinc salts, as well as physiologically active components of organic origin (potassium humate Agro.Bio and organic compounds), as well as phytoharmonic substances: Brassinosteroid, Fucoidan, betaine, laminarin, auxin, the immune system of plants is stimulated, the growth of the aboveground mass and root system. Atlant "Agrobio" promotes better absorption of mineral nutrients by plants, improves the quality of marketable products.

Certification (February 2019). We accept applications.

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