Multicomplex Humate

Multicomplex fertilizers Potassium humate + phosphorus (Si, Fe, Mg, S, Zn, Co, Cu, Mn), sodium humate + phosphorus (Si, Fe, Mg, S, Zn, Co, Cu, Mn)
 produced on the basis of organic leonardite , ballast-free contains the maximum amount of natural humic, fulvic acids (15.7%), potassium, sodium (4.6%), phosphorus (1%), amino acids, vitamins and trace elements (Si, Fe, Mg, S, Zn, Co , Cu, Mn) produced by AGRO.BIO. Fertilizers stimulate the growth and development of organs in agricultural plants, enhance the assimilation of nutrients, increase metabolism, reduce stress in plants under adverse environmental conditions. When using multicomponent fertilizers, there is no need to change the existing agrotechnologies of production when growing plants. Preventively, fertilizers with foliar and root fertilizing are used in all phases of the development of the plant organism (exclusion of flowering) and, first of all, preparations must be used under stress conditions.

Multicomplex Humate 10


Multicomplex Humate 10


Complex preparation Multicomplex humate 10  - liquid, concentrated, organic fertilizer, plant growth stimulant, containing potassium humate and microelements in chelated form ..

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